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Conflict Resolution

Hurt people hurt people. Cliche as the saying might be, it’s true. The Center for Disease Control has spent years confirming this old saying through Adverse Childhood Experiences research. The simple takeaway from all that research: children who experience trauma growing up are more likely to experience trauma (and inflict it upon others) as adults.

That may be why you find yourself on this page in the first place: because you and your children are already experiencing trauma and it’s time to get out. If so, you’re in the right place and you’re taking the right first step toward independence and wellness for yourself and your children.

Good news: Your family can work through disagreements about parenting time and decision-making without harming your children. Yes -- even if you read that sentence and thought it couldn’t possibly apply to your situation.

At Boeckx Law we strive to resolve conflicts with a minimum of . . . well . . . conflict. We use years of negotiation, collaboration, and mediation experience to empower our clients and their families.

Hard feelings come with the territory when you’re working through divorce and custody disputes. But our firm specializes in helping our clients convert hard feelings into positive ideas. We use our experience to help you move toward mental, emotional, and physical health for yourself and your children -- whether or not your ex is ready to join you on that path.

At Boeckx Law, you’ll experience our commitment to healthy conflict resolution from the moment you walk in the door. Our entire team -- whether you are working with a senior attorney, a dedicated paralegal, or our friendly front-desk staff -- strives to live up to our motto as a “client-centered, resolution-focused” firm.

That’s why we focus so much effort on effective communication strategies, setting appropriate boundaries with your children and your ex, and choosing battles (of course, we will fight hard when we have to . . . but we’ll show you every alternative first).

If you find your family immersed in conflict that threatens your wellbeing, call us today. We can help you plot a course to smoother seas. In fact, we see that as our calling.

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