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See What Our Clients are Saying About Us

"My experience with [Boeckx Law] has been nothing short of wonderful and not a thing like what I have experienced with other lawyers.  I'm happy to say that I have some faith restored that not all lawyers are sharks.  Chris and Natalie have been VERY kind to me and have explained every step they were taking.  I feel like I'm actually allowed to be a part of my case and have a say in what steps we take.  I will be forever grateful for Boeckx Law, LLC no matter the outcome of my case.  Really very lovely family business and I would highly recommend them."


"Professional with excellent knowledge in all areas of law and give excellent advice."


"The dream team of family law! I couldn't think of a better team to help me through my child custody case. They have been attentive, kind, supportive, prompt, professional- they have exceeded my expectations. I have never had to hire a lawyer before nor am I familiar with the court system, but they have walked me through every step of the process and made sure that I understand what is happening. I highly recommend them!"


"Efficient, personable and caring."


"I have nothing but good things to say about Natalie as a lawyer. She is very knowledgeable and thorough and was willing to explain every little detail to me during the legal process. She worked hard to get me what I wanted and went above and beyond my expectations regarding communication. I could not have successfully completed the legal process without her help and I would highly recommend Boeckx Law to anyone!"


"Chris Boeckx was phenomenal. So attentive, caring, understanding and professional. I truly cannot say enough good things in regards to his care and concern for my well-being and being so focused on getting me the results I was seeking."


"Natalie exceeded my expectations and I am so thankful that I had her in my corner. She was great at explaining things when terms were hard to understand. For someone who has never gone through the court system, Natalie was there to help me through it. She understood the emotional and mental stress that I was in and was always empathetic. I don’t believe that I would have gotten what I received without her counsel. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone seeking representation within family law. There are not enough thank yous or words of praise to say how grateful our family is for what she has done for us."


Natalie is awesome. She helped me though the worse most stressful time of my life. She helped me get my daughter back when she was kidnapped and taken out of state and then she helped with a restraining order. She was affordable, she still even answers simple questions for me which is awesome. Genuine care and concern for her clients.


Natalie and Christopher were great to work with and helped guide me through a very difficult time. Thanks for the help and support!!! Highly recommended.  Thanks again- you guys are awesome.


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